It's tough to source call center agents with the critical new skills needed in today's marketplace. So companies are looking inward for ways to teach their old call center 'dogs' new tricks.

But that's easier said than done because today's consumer is decidedly better informed than those of the past. And at a time when customer service is at a premium, a customer potentially being better informed than an agent puts service levels at risk.

Download this white paper to understand why this change is occurring and how contact centers can invest in sound WFM and L&D solutions to provide their current workforce with the skills they need to keep service levels on pace.

What will you learn?

  1. Why are these changes taking place in the marketplace and what can your can center organization do about it?

  2. How to create an effective, integrated and personalized approach to developing agent skills and knowledge

  3. How the Competence Manager module can enable your business to identify available skills within the center and use them to your advantage

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