Contact centers gather a wealth of customer data (read: Big Data) via multiple channels: social media, the web site, mobile apps and voice calls. When taken together, the data collected from these channels can be used to aid decision making in any single channel. It’s simply a matter of harvesting value from that data.

But every day it seems there is yet another new communication channel to interact with customers. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious how data gathered by an agent, for example, can later be used in an IVR interaction to provide superior customer service.

Download this white paper to discover how big data can be used to improve customer engagement through a variety of channels, including phone and/or IVR interactions.

What will you learn?

  1. How the contact center provides a central location for access to virtually every form of customer data 
  2. How personalization makes customer interactions more relevant and drives customer satisfaction
  3. How data insights such as purchase history can drive customized to customers

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